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Complicating the Nook Simple Touch

Nook Simple Touch

I’m going to keep this one kinda brief, their is already a lot of specific information on this topic elsewhere.

Back Story (Feel Free to Skip)

I have owned two Nook Simple Touchs (NST) in the past several years. The first one died of natural causes (Read: Negligence) and I could never justify getting another one until I needed to spend some BestBuy Giftcards. What else are you going to get for 50$ at BestBuy? A very small TV?

Why The NST is Cool

The NST is pretty average as far as E-Readers go. In a lot of respects it is inferior to other big name E-Readers like the Kindle. However, it has a touchscreen instead of buttons and that opens some interesting doors. How you ask? Well, underneath all that Barnes and Noble crap, lies a beautiful install of Android 2.1 Éclair. Okay, fine, maybe that is a little out of date, but you can still do all sorts of fun stuff!

Essentially, after rooting and installing Google Apps you are left with a relatively capable E-Ink Tablet. A tablet with extremely long battery life, that can be read in direct sunlight, with no eye-strain, and that cost you less than a meal at a fancy restaurant.

Obviously you are never really going to play Angry Birds on it (Although you can if you really want to). But it is great for catching up on your RSS feeds or checking your email on the beach. ALso I suppose it goes without saying that it is an amazing E-Reader. There are a lot of E-Book apps you can try, Aldiko, Cool Reader, and with a little work, Google Play Books.

Any Questions?

If anyone out there stumbled across this looking for a more detailed guide, I left a lot out. Shoot me an email or leave a comment and I can give you a lot more tips, or even do a little write-up of the whole process. However as always, Google is your friend, and there is already a lot out there.

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